Yogurt of Bulgaria


Sensitive Probiotic Ultra Regenerating Lifting Serum 35 ml.

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The presented product contains a special probiotic half-yogurt. This component heals the skin, neutralizing any external influences and stimulating the processes of renewal in the cells. Bulgarian rose oil intensively nourishes and tones the dermis, while hyaluronic acid restores the water balance. Serum has a wonderful effect on the skin. After its use, small wrinkles disappear, irregularities are smoothed out and the skin tone is leveled. Regular use of this product will allow you to prolong your youth, and its bewitching aroma will make the skin care process a real relaxation procedure.

Mode of application. Apply the serum to clean and dry skin with light massage movements until it is completely absorbed. Use the serum daily in the morning and evening as an addition to your usual skin care products – day and night cream.


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